How To Help Infertility

how to help infertilityIn this article, the top three infertility treatments will be discussed, along with their advantages and disadvantages. You will also find the best natural fertility treatments.

In Vitro Fertilization

The first of the top three infertility treatments that will be discussed is in vitro fertilization. This treatment is one of the most widely talked about treatments when it comes to options for conceiving a child. In vitro fertilization is chosen by many women in their quest for conception. The in vitro fertilization treatment technique involves retrieving eggs from a woman, fertilizing them with sperm, maturing the fertilized eggs for approximately 3-5 days. The best fertilized eggs are then chosen and then implanted back into the woman’s uterus with the intent of gestation. This treatment does come with a set of advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed here.

Want to Get Pregnant Naturally?

If your ultimate goal is to get pregnant and you have little concern on which method you use, keep reading this post.

But, if you are committed to getting pregnant the natural way, I ran into a great website by Lisa Olsen, explaining what it takes to conceive naturally. Lisa suffered from infertility herself for a number of years before having her 2 healthy children at the age of 43. You can find her website here, Pregnancy Miracle.


• Eggs are always fertilized and then implanted in the womb

• Allows the woman and partner to use donated eggs and/or sperm for whatever reason that may be

• An option for same gendered couples


• Cost; the average cost for IVF is upwards of $12,000.00

• Insurance may not cover it

• Multiple treatments are usually needed

• Implantation issues sometimes occur

• May result in a multiples pregnancy


Another commonly used infertility treatment is Clomid. Clomid is a well-known drug that is usually prescribed when a woman is not ovulating properly. This drug as popular as it is still has its advantages and disadvantages.


• Non-invasive

• Pill form rather than an injection

• Not as expensive as other infertility treatments

• Almost always results in ovulation


• Can cause ovarian hyper stimulation

• Pelvic pain, bloating, discomfort, sometimes shortness of breath

• May result in multiple pregnancies

Donor Eggs

Lastly another common fertility treatment is donor eggs. Donor eggs are usually one of the last resorts for an infertile couple. Donor eggs are usually used in a situation where a woman has very low egg quality or is not producing eggs at all. Donor eggs are a gift for those who really want a baby but cannot due to ovulation problems. But of course this gift comes with advantages and disadvantages.


• Higher chance of successfully becoming pregnant

• Maternal age of recipient is a non- factor

• Good for women who may have genetic issues

• Good for women who have had several IVF treatments that were unsuccessful


• Higher chance of becoming pregnant with multiples

• Recipient is at risk for contracting a disease from the donor; donors are screened for multiple diseases however if an infection is recent such as in HIV, the tests may not catch it.

So what are some natural infertility treatments?


Acupuncture is a good infertility treatment technique. Acupuncture is a technique where thin needles are placed on various acupuncture points and body energy meridians to address specific ailments/issues that the patient wants addressed. There are several advantages to this technique.


• Brings whole body into balance

• Gently stimulates the ovaries

• Increases circulation throughout the reproductive system

• Does not carry the risk of multiple pregnancies

Mayan Abdominal Massage

The next natural infertility treatment that will be discussed is the Mayan abdominal massage. Mayan abdominal massage is a technique in which a woman will go to a massage therapist who is specifically trained in Mayan abdominal massage. The therapist massages the pelvic organs back into balance, placing them back into proper alignment, for whole reproductive system health and restoration.


• Uterus that may be tipped or out of place will be realigned back into proper position, priming it for conception and gestation

• Ovaries and fallopian tubes are put back into proper position

• Reduces ovarian pain due to PCOS

• Scar tissue and adhesions are broken down

• Fallopian tubes may become unblocked

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is another natural infertility treatment. A woman may visit a naturopathic physician or other medical professional certified to work with herbs to get herbal treatment for reproductive issues. The professional will usually give the woman a full assessment so that he or she may treat the woman based on the issues at hand.


• Personalized treatment

• Whole body treatment

• Gentler on the reproductive system and body

• May be used in complement with other natural remedies and possibly mainstream treatments

Do you want to get pregnant naturally? I recommend Lisa Olsen’s website, Pregnancy Miracle.