Faster Ways To Get Pregnant

faster ways to get pregnantWhen trying to get pregnant, there are several things to do that can help you get pregnant faster.

There are also signs you should check for that may be  inhibiting you from getting pregnant, these should be remedied to restore fertility.


One of the things that is important when trying to get pregnant, is charting your cycle, and temperature.

Charting your cycle and temperature can help you determine when you are ovulating and the best days to try to conceive. Charting your cycle and temperature can also help you see if you are not ovulating at all or are having an anovulation cycle, low progesterone, luteal phase defects and other issues that could impede fertility.

You can then take note of these issues and bring them to her gynecologist to have them addressed. Charting your cycle and temperature can also help you determine if you are pregnant and can help you determine your estimated date of conception.

What is the fastest way to get pregnant?

The fastest way to get pregnant involves having a plan. A lot of the things you are doing to get pregnant may actually work against you. I ran into a great website by Lisa Olsen, who after not being able to conceive for a number of years, created a 5 step plan for conceiving, which she used to conceive her 2 healthy children. You can find her website here, Pregnancy Miracle.

Regular Cycles

Next, having regular cycles, is an important factor in getting pregnant.

There are several vitamins that can help with having and maintaining regular cycles. One vitamin that can help maintain regular cycles is Vitamin A. When you are lacking a sufficient amount of Vitamin A from your diet, it can cause a weakening of the reproductive system and lack of a menstrual cycle.

Vitamin C helps maintain hormone levels in the body. Vitamin D intake can help you with ovulation issues and maintain regular ovulation.

Vitamins B6 and B12 can help with luteal phase defects to normalize the luteal phase of your cycle.


Certain sexual positions are better for conception than others. One of these positions is the classic missionary position. This position is one that is quite widely recommended by health care experts as a conception position, as it allows the sperm to be ejaculated right on or very near the cervical opening.

Another position that helps conception is the rear entry position. Again this allows the sperm to get near the cervix.

Any position that allows the sperm to be ejaculated near the cervix is good for conceiving.

Any position that allows sperm to drain from the vaginal opening is not good for conception. This includes the woman on top position. It is recommended that you lie down for approximately twenty to thirty minutes after sex to allow the sperm a good chance to swim into the cervix.


So how often should you have sex to get pregnant? Sex every day or as often as possible increases the chance of conception. It is also important to have sex frequently during the best days to ovulate as this increases your chances as well, which brings back the importance of charting your cycle so you know what days you’re ovulating.

If you are want to get pregnant easily, I suggest visiting Lisa Olsen’s website, Pregnancy Miracle.